Poor Self-Worth or Poor Self-Esteem? Which would you like to Change?

Discover the tools to get real lasting Change in your life!

Confusing the Terms

The terms self-worth and self-esteem are sometimes confused and often used interchangeably in error. Truly they are quite different. While self-esteem is transient and can change in an instant, your self-worth goes much deeper. Self-worth revolves around what you believe you deserve, what you can accomplish and what you can expect. What do you believe you deserve? What can you accomplish? What do you expect to show up in your life?

Is Judgment a Truth?

What if your perception of you is based on somebody else's judgment of you? And what if that judgment is a lie? What lies of someone else's reality have you bought as your reality of your self-worth? What if you could choose a different reality? What is standing in your way?

A Different Reality

What would it take for you to have a different reality, different possibilities and different choices? Access Consciousness® gives you the tools to make different choices, create more possibilities and open you up for more of your capacities. With more choices, possibilities and capacities you begin to see how you can be a contribution to the planet and allow the planet to be a contribution to you. You'll also change what you believe you deserve, can accomplish and can expect to show up in your life.

Beginning with the Bars®

We use a process called Access Consciousness The Bars® that works to release any past decisions, judgments, conclusions and computations (DJCC's) and any other points of view that you have locked into your body and your being. This occurs by gently touching and holding 32 different points on the head with about 13 different hand positions.

Access Consciousess The BarsThese 32 points have different names like Implant Bands, Money, Control, Creativity, Communication, Time and Space, Hopes, Dreams, Joy, Sadness, Sexuality, Body and more.

By touching and holding these points, bars of energy begin to run. Gently holding these points acts as a defrag on all of the points of view, judgments and conclusions we have locked into our cognitive mind that holds us back from reaching our full potential and receiving more of what we desire in life.

For instance by touching and holding the Bars called Hopes and Dreams, any points of view, judgments and conclusions related to those bars start to unwind and unlock from your being.

Accessing the Bars Joy and Sadness will start to unwind and unlock points of view, judgments and conclusions related to those Bars.

Maybe you've tried traditional therapy or some other modality and yet you still feel blocked. Access Consciousness® the Bars® go beyond the cognitive mind to unlock the insanity at an energetic level. You will start to have more clarity about what else is possible in your life.

In this reality we're taught to shut down our receiving. The Bars® main purpose is to open you up to receiving more of who you are. By applying the power of The Bars®, you will notice an immediate shift in your being and open up to receiving more of who you be.

“I found the bars session I received from David to be very complimentary to other work I have been doing with my body/mind/spirit energies. So compatible in fact that, the night of receiving the session I had an immense energetic breakthrough. The effects seem to have lasted for days afterwards, and indeed I feel as though a permanent shift has occurred. I believe the application of bars consciousness are a wonderful tool that can be used singularly or in congruence with other energy healing. Also, David and Gail are wonderful people to work with!”
--Nicole Bedy

Start Having More Joy

And why shouldn't you start having more JOY in your life? Are you merely surviving, when you could be thriving? How long are you going to hold onto the crap that is getting in the way of you having a truly fulfilling life? It's time to reclaim your power! The clarity you will start to realize will SHOCK you!

We are located in Sterling Heights, Michigan. To book an appointment or for further information please contact either David Miller or Gail Miller.